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Day One - Tuesday, May 20th:

  • 7:00p-9:00p: Opening Reception (Omni Atrium)

Day Two - Wednesday, May 21st:

  • 8:00a-8:50a: Breakfast (Hall outside of Ballroom).

  • 8:50a-9:20a: George Gallate - "Creating Digital Visibility" (Ballroom)

  • 9:20a-10:00a: Chris Riedy of Twitter - "Performance Marketing on Twitter" (Ballroom)
  • 10:00a-10:30a: Adam Audette - "SEO for eCommerce - 6 Current Tactics You Need To Know" (Ballroom)

  • 10:30a-10:45a: Break (Hall outside of Ballroom)

  • 10:45a-11:15a: Mike McMeekin from Bing  - "Advertising Insights from Bing Ads" (Ballroom)

  • 11:15a-11:45a: Paul Koch - "Challenges & Opportunities of Granularity in Paid Search"

  • 11:45-12:15p: Todd Bowman and Jeremy Arthur - "CSE Management in a PLA World" (Ballroom)

  • 12:15p-1:15p: Lunch (Omni Atrium)
    Lunch sponsored by BrightEdge

  • 1:15p-1:45p: Michelle Ulizio - "Driving Demand Through Display" (Ballroom)

  • 1:45p-2:15p: Nicole Premo from Google - "Google Goes Shopping: Building a Search Experience for Today's Shopper"  (Ballroom)

  • 2:15p-3:15p: Marketing Executives' Panel - "Winning in 2014" (Ballroom)

  • 3:15-3:30p: Break (Hall and Ballroom)

  • 3:30p-5:00p: Roundtable Discussions (Visit three roundtables. 30 min each -breakout rooms):

    • Mobile Strategies & Valuation (Rachel Schnorr & Sean McGinty)

    • Social Media (George Gallate, Graeme Jamieson & Dalton DornĂ©)

    • Google Shopping Campaigns (Todd Bowman & Sarah Carpenter) 

    • Local SEO (Megan Geiss & Jody O'Donnell)

    • Display Advertising: Session 1 & 3: New Customer Acquisition with Display (Emily Anthony & Lizzie Guarino), Session 2: Effective Promotions Through Targeted Display (Michael Seymour & Lizzie Guarino)

    • Leveraging Content for Conversion (John Negrau & Matt Mierzejewski)

  • 6:15p: Cocktail Hour & Dinner (Main St. Arena)
    Dinner sponsored by Yahoo!

  • 9p: 3rd Annual RKG Free Poker Tournament -
    (Main St. Arena)
    Prizes sponsored by Google

Day Three - Thursday, May 22nd:

  • 8:30a-9:30a: Breakfast (Hall outside of Ballroom).

  • 9:30a-10:05a: George Michie - "Smarter Marketing Allocation Requires Smarter Analysis" (Ballroom)

  • 10:05a-10:40a: Dhiraj Kumar of Facebook - "Facebook, the New Frontier in Direct Marketing" (Ballroom)

  • 10:40a-11a: Break (Hall and Ballroom)

  • 11a-11:35a: Joe Stephens of Yahoo - "Yahoo Gemini" (Ballroom)

  • 11:35a-12:10p: Ryan Gibson - "5 Things To Know Before You Go" (Ballroom)

  • 12:10p-1:15p: Lunch (Omni Atrium)

  • 1:15p: Meet with your RKG Team (Atrium, Ballroom, and Breakout Rooms)